EXCLUSIVE: Director of Immigration under investigation for smuggling illegal into St. Maarten. (UPDATED)

udoaron15052016PHILIPSBURG:— The Director Immigration Udo Aron is under investigations on the request of the Minister of Justice. SMN News learnt Aaron was in the Dominican Republic with members of the Prosecutors Office for a course on the issuance of visas.
According to a reliable source Aron stayed longer in the Dominican Republic and upon his return on Thursday May 5th 2016, he came in with a female national from the Dominican Republic that did not possess a visa and instead of following procedures Aaron chose to walk through with the female companion without even checking in with the immigration officers.
SMN News further learnt that a female immigration officer identified as Rosy Priest called out to Aaron and informed him that he and the person that came with him have to follow proper procedures but instead of complying with the request Aron went to his best friend an acting Director August Emmanuel and reported the officer, who in turn went to the officer to reprimand her telling her she was not following direct orders from her superior.
SMN News further learnt that Priest did not let go of the matter instead she called in her union and filed a complaint with them who in turn filed a complaint with the Minister of Justice Edison Kirindongo who met with the union last week. SMN News learnt that the moment the Minister learnt of the matter he ordered an investigation and demanded that a report reaches him before the end of last week. SMN News also learnt that is not the first time Aron abused his power and brought in aliens to St. Maarten with the assistance of his friend August Emmanuel.
In an invited comment Minister Edison Kirindongo said that indeed the incident occurred and the moment he was informed he asked the Attorney General to order the Landsrecherche to conduct an investigation into the incident that occurred on May 5th 2016 at PJIAE. Minister Kirindongo said Aron is not yet suspended but the moment he receives the advice from the Landsrecherche he will do what is necessary. Asked if the Acting Director will be investigated also Minister Kirindongo said he do not know  how far Landsrecherche will go with the investigation. “I do not want to speculate even though I know how the job goes I just want to stay out of this investigation and allow the investigators to do their jobs and the moment they gave me an advice I will act on it because the immigration officers are now looking to see what will happen and who will protect their interest on the job, he also confirmed that the union is fully informed of the incident.

Source: St. Martin News Network
EXCLUSIVE: Director of Immigration under investigation for smuggling illegal into St. Maarten. (UPDATED)