EXCLUSIVE: Former Acting Director of IND August Emmanuel files cases against Justice Minister

PHILIPSBURG:— The former Acting Director of IND August Emmanuel launched two court cases against the Minister of Justice Edison Kirindongo.
SMN News has been reliably informed that Emmanuel who had a Landsbesluit to hold the position as Acting Director of IND when Udo Aron was the Director felt that the moment Aron was suspended for smuggling in a female national of the Dominican Republic to St. Maarten on May 5th, 2016 he was supposed to take over Aron position pending the outcome of the investigation.
According to information provided to SMN News, the acting directors are not permitted to sign certain documents and as such, the Minister of Justice had to appoint someone who could have signed those documents. It is understood that Emmanuel felt that those signing powers including the salaries that Aron was getting had to go to him since he was the Acting Director.
SMN News learnt that Emmanuel is not in agreement that the Minister chose to appoint former Acting Chief Commissioner of Police Richard Panneflec to the position and even refused to work along with Panneflec.
SMN News learnt that Emmanuel even tried to force the Minister to give him the position and also start paying him extra monies for the job since that is also mentioned in the LB. it is also alleged that Emmanuel told the Minister to clear the matter up because he will not accept or agree with the Minister of Justice decision. Because of the disagreement SMN News learnt that the Minister of Justice was forced to revoke the LB Emmanuel was holding as Acting Director of IND and ever since then, he reported sick but has challenged the Minister’s decision in two separate court cases.
On Wednesday, Aron was handed a letter while in court informing him that he was officially fired. At the time Aron was in court because he too challenged the Minister for suspending him when it became known that he brought in a female from the Dominican Republic to St. Maarten with a visa waiver.
SMN News learned that the only person that can grant anyone a visa waiver is the Minister of Justice himself and not the head of IND. However, Aron has been signing visa waivers for a long time that he himself said that he signed over 600 visa waivers for people therefore, the Minister had no right to suspend him for the one he signed for the woman he brought in on May 5th 2016 for vacation.
At this current moment, there is no full-time Director or Acting Director of IND since the current Acting Director Richard Panneflec has postulated himself as a candidate to contest the September 2016 parliamentary election and as such he is entitled to days off to conduct his campaign.
However, SMN News learnt that Panneflec did not leave the department stranded knowing there is no acting director.
It is not clear if the Minister of Justice will now appoint Panneflec as the Director IND now that Aron has been fired.

Source: St. Martin News Network
EXCLUSIVE: Former Acting Director of IND August Emmanuel filed two cases against Minister of Justice.