EXCLUSIVE: GEBE cashier suspended for alleged theft — possible motion to remove CEO.

PHILIPSBURG:— A cashier working at GEBE was suspended last Friday for alleged theft. According to a well-placed sources the cashier is a very good friend of the company’s financial auditor who has been protecting the cashier who allegedly stole a large sums monies from the government owned company.
SMN News understands that the cashier was even picked up by a well-known detective and taken to the Philipsburg Police Headquarters but was released the very next day. SMN News contacted the CEO of GEBE Kenrick Chittick for a comment on the information provided to SMN News. Chittick said on Sunday he was not in a position to comment on the issue, asked if he would confirm or deny the allegations brought against the cashier, Chittick said he would neither confirm nor deny.
SMN News further learned that the Supervisory Board of GEBE met on Saturday to discuss the constant power outages and during that meeting, the management board of GEBE informed the members of the supervisory board about the incident. So far both members of the supervisory and management board are tight-lipped on the alleged theft at GEBE and suspension of a cashier.
Minister will take a proposal to COM to dismiss CEO of GEBE.
SMN News further learned that the Minister of VROMI intends to take a proposal to the Council of Ministers to have the CEO of GEBE Kenrick Chittick removed from his position. SMN News learned that even a former members of the supervisory board have had problems with Chittick for what is described as arrogance and being insubordinate.
SMN News learned that the Minister of VROMI suggested to the management of GEBE to reinstate one of the power plant supervisor Ray Carty who was fired when he did not report the removal of the copper at the power plant. SMN News learned that the matter was taken to court and the court ordered GEBE to make a settlement and or agreement with Carty but so far management refused to comply and that Chittick allegedly went as far as labeling Carty a thief. According to the information provided to SMN News the Minister of VROMI is somewhat upset that the CEO a local St. Maartener who was given an opportunity has refused to give other locals an opportunity in the government-owned company, instead the management of GEBE is hiring non- St. Maarteners through certain job placement agencies. The source said that Carty is specialized in removing water from the fuel that is causing the constant power outages throughout the island. According to information provided to SMN News, two employees of the power plant were fired because they took orders from the former CEO of GEBE to remove copper from the power plant. The court ruled that one of the employees must be reinstated because that employee only followed the orders given to him by his superior, in the case of Carty it is understood that the court did not condemn him but stated that since he was the supervisor at the power plant he should have reported the incident and ordered GEBE to make an agreement and or settlement with Carty, but so far GEBE has not complied.
Besides that it is understood that GEBE management has refused to comply with the requests from the shareholder, one being submitting a report on a solar panel project which was requested by the Prime Minister of St. Maarten and another was to clean up around the meter houses since they are all covered with grass and other shrubs and to try and employ local young people that are jobless.
The source said GEBE management is hell-bent on carrying out projects that will benefit them. It is further understood that their main focus is to install more water tanks in the Cupe Coy area. Solar panels on the parking lot all of which would allegedly benefit the employees that have companies while working at GEBE.
SMN News tried to reach the Minister of VROMI Christopher Emmanuel for a comment on Sunday but he could not be reached by telephone.

Source: St. Martin News Network
EXCLUSIVE: GEBE cashier suspended for alleged theft — possible motion to remove CEO.