EXCLUSIVE: GEBE internal auditor filed court case against GEBE for slashing her salary.

Internal Auditor had a salary which is higher than that of the CEO along with other perks.

PHILIPSBURG:— The internal auditor of GEBE Sharine Daniel filed a court case against the government owned company for cutting her salary when they renewed her contract in the month of June 2016. Daniel’s previous contract had expired on June 13th 2016, based on her first contract she was earning a whopping NAF17,000.00 per month including other perks such a vehicle from GEBE.

According to information SMN News received Daniel was represented by her lawyer Attorney at Law Peggy Ann Brandon while GEBE lawyers from Lexwell were also present when the terms of Daniel’s new contract as a permanent employee of the company was being negotiated.

SMN News further learnt that Daniel gave agreed with her Attorney to allow the company to cut her salary by NAF. 2,000. 00 per month. However, after having a new contract as a permanent employee of GEBE Daniel decided to change law firms and to HBN law who will be going up against the Government owned company for slashing her salary. One of the arguments Daniel is using is that while her contract expired on June 13th 2016, she continued to work until she got the new contract and was not sent home for the three months as required by law before she could enter into a new contract.

SMN News got hold of some emails Daniel sent to former board of directors putting extreme pressure on them to renew her contract immediately. Sources say she even used political influence in order not to lose a day of work.

Besides the court case about the slash in her salary, Daniel even wrote a rude email to the current board of directors questioning them on the decisions they have taken to appeal the Court’s decision on the Human Resource manager Clifford Sasso.

Information reaching SMN News states that the Temporary manager of the government owned company Andrew Zaggers asked Daniel via email for her opinion on Sasso’s case when he Zaggers was ordered by the Supervisory Board of Directors to file an appeal against the verdict rendered by the court some three weeks ago in favor of Zaggers.
Already GEBE has over half a million dollars in court fees to pay to various law firms, one source with the company said over $400.000.00 has to go to VanEps and Kunneman, while a small part has to go to the law firm that represented the former Supervisory Board of Directors.

Source: St. Martin News Network
EXCLUSIVE: GEBE internal auditor filed court case against GEBE for slashing her salary.