EXCLUSIVE: Inspectorate to move in at SZV to conduct audit (UPDATED)

PHILIPSBURG:— The Inspectorate of Health and Labor is expected to move in at SZV to begin auditing the medical referral department. 
SMN News learnt that there is so much ‘mess’ at SZV that needs urgent cleaning up and that accountability has to be given with the funds that belong to workers who pays their dues but are not getting what they need on time when they are ill. One of the concerns SMN News learnt is the huge investments SZV is making and the hospital they are looking to build which will include the Tourism section.
The audit came along after several patients made their stories public last week about the daily allowances for patients that are sent abroad.
While the Minister of Health Emil Lee did not deny the information he also did not confirm it. Instead when SMN News published this article interim CEO of SZV Glen Carty lost his mind saying he will call on the public prosecutor and others to investigate who is leaking information especially since they sign a non-discloser agreement. Shortly after Carty’s flare an emergency meeting was held and the Minister sent out a press release stating that there is an agreement to access the medical referral department of SZV.

Source: St. Martin News Network
EXCLUSIVE: Inspectorate to move in at SZV to conduct audit (UPDATED)