EXCLUSIVE: Major shake up at USZV as internal audit continues — Two ICT staff suspended allegedly for fraud.

uszvbuilding30102016PHILIPSBURG:— At least two employees of USZV that were working in the ICT department and the department of strategic business intelligence were suspended for alleged fraud now that the medical insurance company is conducting an internal audit.

The two employees are Michel Maduro and Hans de Bruyn.
SMN News learned that the current Director Glen Carty and another board member Elton Felisie and the former chairman Jeroen Veen approved the project while they were on the Supervisory Board of Directors while the project was carried out by the former interim director Rickey Willemsberg.

The project which involves having SMART cards for USZV clients, the source further states that the some $1M was allocated for this project and monies have disappeared (placed into accounts that allegedly belong to the two suspended employees) while questionable information was sent to the vendors producing the cards. Even though these events occurred USZV has in its possession the SMART cards that were never used.

Another scandal discovered during the internal audit came from the billing department where COMEVA is not being paid while other doctors are paid the moment their bills are sent in. Due to that it is understood that COMEVA lawyered up and since the audit began at least two employees have been removed from their posts, they are Francesca Boelbaai and Carrel Martha. Both employees were department heads that were removed from their posts for so called lack of knowledge.

SMN News also learned that Parveen Boertje is also under investigation allegedly because she signed off on medical referrals while not being authorized to do so, the source further alleges that Boertje has patients on the island receiving medical allowance. SMN News understands that most of these findings were already discovered by the former internal auditor Cynthia Smith but the supervisory board of directors refused to act on the information at the time but instead send her home before she reached the pension age when Glen Carty became interim director of USZV.

SMN News contacted Carty on the information provided to SMN News and he did not deny the information but stated that indeed USZV is restructuring Carty further admitted that an internal audit is taking place but he is yet to receive the report.

Source: St. Martin News Network
EXCLUSIVE: Major shake up at USZV as internal audit continues — Two ICT staff suspended allegedly for fraud.