EXCLUSIVE: MP Wycliffe Smith responds to rumors regarding the screening process.


~ More clarification and information requested.~

PHILIPSBURG:— At least two candidates that submitted their names to become Ministers were asked to provide more information so that the screening process could continue, those two candidates are SMCP leader Wycliffe Smith and Democratic Party candidate Perry Geerlings. According to information provided to SMN News Smith was asked to provide more information on his taxes especially that of his late wife playschool. While Geerlings has to provide more information on his former job at Standard Trust.
SMN News obtained a full statement from SMCP leader Wycliffe Smith who is currently in the Netherlands attending the IPKO meetings
Following is the full statement from MP Smith:
“While in the Netherlands about to participate in the IPKO meetings I received a number of WhatsApp messages and phone calls to inform me of the rumors that are circulating on St. Maarten about the screening. Therefore, I decided to inform the SMCP board as follows:-

On Wednesday, when I was preparing to leave Sint Maarten to attend the IPKO the Formateur informed me that he had received several documents for the candidate-ministers from the Governor, including mine, requesting me to further clarify information that I had submitted to him concerning me and my sons as it related to taxes, bank accounts, mortgages, loans and some additional personal information. I was also advised to resign from the playschool foundation that was established by my deceased wife. Given the short time, prior to my departure to the Netherlands, I was unable to supply the requested information. Unfortunately, this will have to wait until I return.
The Formateur further informed me and the other minister-candidates that the Prosecutor’s Office is no longer satisfied with a curriculum vitae but that they now require a copy of my passport, a census registration abstract and a letter giving them permission start the screening process. Fortunately, I was able to pass on these documents to the Formateur, prior to leaving the island.
In my humble opinion, requesting additional information about a person and his family does not constitute failure to pass the screening. Upon my return, I shall supply the governor with the requested information and documentation.
One of the other entities involved in the screening is the National Security Service. Most likely they will also be requesting additional information.
The questionnaire pertaining to the screening dates back to 2012. Making the questions clearer and being specific about the needed supporting documents would definitely help to avoid the rumors that are circulating during the screening process.
I am glad that I am experiencing this process for myself now, so that I can later better inform the people via an article about what the screening exactly entails.”


Source: St. Martin News Network http://www.smn-news.com/st-maarten-st-martin-news/29247-exclusive-mp-wycliffe-smith-responds-to-rumors-regarding-the-screening-process.html