EXCLUSIVE:– PJAIE Supervisory and Operational Board given letter of instruction.

pjiaeterminal20082015Instruction given to boards not to take decisions that will negatively impact Government owned company.

PHILIPSBURG:— The Minister of TEATT Ingrid Arrindell dispatched a letter to the Supervisory and management board of the Princess Juliana International Airport on Wednesday informing them that they are not to take any decisions that would negatively impact the government owned company.
The two boards were told in writing that they are allowed to continue taking decisions on the day to day operations of the company. The letter further states that the Ministry of TEATT is busy with restructuring therefore the board cannot take decisions that could negatively impact the company.
SMN News learnt that the management team of PJIAE are busy victimizing some workers that were working closely with the former director of PJIAE Regina Labega while they are busy trying to hinder the FBO project.
SMN News managed to confirm from one of the board members who stated that indeed the boards received a letter on Wednesday informing them of the restructuring and decision making. The board member further stated that the boards were not given marching orders as it has been rumored. “If the Minister wants to send home the boards of PJAIE they would have to go through the necessary procedures to do so and while doing that they must bear in mind that they are a caretaker government.”

Source: St. Martin News Network EXCLUSIVE:– PJAIE Supervisory and Operational Board given letter of instruction.


  1. You mean the ass kissers are now reaping what they have sown, being harass by other workers is just the beginning

    • I guess not! He needs to get his hands on a fresh bulk of money to share among his close circle of friends including Mr. 10% himself.

      Bet you that the first thing he does when he gets in at the Airport, is change the security contract and has his own company (he owns with Frans and ONeil) come in at a ridiculously high cost just like what happened at the Harbor.

  2. There are a several experienced candidates eligible for the top position at the airport, Denicio Richardson or Claudio Buncamper come to mind for instance. Why not have aviation professionals run an airport? Why always the cronies?

  3. School children are saying that MP Matser is putting pressure on the Council of Ministers to put Marc Mingo as the Airport Managing Director and come with his own Supervisory Board of Directors.

    Mingo can then grant all the airport’s building contracts to Matser’s construction company.

    Mind you that the previous G’ment fell because MP Matser allegedly did not get the airport FBO building contract…..

    MP Matser is like backyard weed plants….once you think you got rid of it: it comes back with a vengeance.