EXCLUSIVE: PJIAE Board selected Brian Mingo as Director — Agreement still has to be made.

brianmingo19122016The government placed the appointment on hold until a new council of Ministers swears in.

PHILIPSBURG:— The firm (BDO) that was selected to evaluate and select a candidate for the Director’s position at the Princess Juliana International Airport that been available since last June has selected Brian Mingo for the position some months ago, however, the shareholder representative (government) has decided to put all appointments on hold until the new Council of Ministers is sworn in before appointments are made. This, of course, is a normal procedure for any caretaker government.

However, the current interim director of PJIAE would have to vacate his post by January 2017 since Larry Donker will be 60 years old and cannot be a director of the company which is according to the bylaws of the company.

So far, there are two government-owned companies namely, TELEM and PJAIE that are without directors and it is imperative that directors are appointed to these companies in order for the companies to function optimally. Already, candidates were selected for both companies, but so far Brian Mingo was not contacted and officially informed that he has been the selected candidate since he lives on St. Maarten and is fully qualified and competent.

Based on information SMN News gathered states that three candidates applied for the PJIAE director’s position, two of whom are from Curacao one being a former politician Stanley Palm the former  Minister TEATT in Curacao, while the third candidate is the director of Curacao utility company Aqualectra.

Source: St. Martin News Network
EXCLUSIVE: PJIAE Board selected Brian Mingo as Director — Agreement still has to be made.