EXCLUSIVE: Ricardo Wyatte speaks out — says prosecutor and police refused to give him written statement to clear his name.

ricardowyatte08072016Wyatte will be seeking justice and damages through the courts.

PHILIPSBURG: — “Today it’s me, tomorrow could be you” that is how Elsidro Ricardo Wyatte puts it after he was released from police detention and gave an exclusive interview to SMN News.
Wyatte said on Monday he saw his photograph, and name on Facebook and 721 news stating he is wanted by Interpol. The father of one said he immediately called the police namely former head of Interpol St. Maarten Randolph Bloieman and informed him of what he saw on Facebook and 721 news. Wyatte said Bloieman told him that the information was not placed on Interpol website by St. Maarten but the Dominican Republic and as such he should make contact there to clear his name.
Wyatte said that same day he contacted his lawyer in the Dominican Republic and informed her and she should contact Interpol and to clear his name he said instead of the police on St. Maarten conducting an investigation he was handcuffed Wednesday night at his job and taken into custody.
Wyatte further explained that the arrest even ended up on the front page of certain newspapers and websites while none of these media outlets spoke to him, neither did Bloieman told his bosses that he had contacted him on Monday.
Wyatte explained that two years ago he went to the Dominican Republic and a woman who was cleaning the house he was staying at during his vacation apparently went into his luggage and stole copies of his passport because she was pregnant and was looking for some foreign man to support her child. He said he did not even know that had happened but when he returned to the Dominican Republic he was served with a court order where he has to pay the woman some 60,000.00 pesos in child support and continue to pay child support for the child. He said since he did not know the law of the Dominican Republic he complied with the court order and paid half of the amount in order for him to leave the Dominican Republic and has been paying a monthly sum ever since then, but knowing he is not the father of the child because he had no intimate relationship with the woman he decided to hire a lawyer in the Dominican Republic and proceeded to do a DNA tests which cleared him. The first part of the case he said ended three months ago and based on the first court order he owed the woman 30.000.00 pesos ($700.00).
Wyatte said later this month  his case  is coming up again in the Dominican Republic where the woman would have to pay him back all the monies he paid to her for a child that is not his. He made clear all the reports that was published on St. Maarten stating he molested minors or committed crimes against minors are totally false. “This is all about child support for a child that is not even mines, the damage is already done to my image and my family especially my 17 year old daughter and the only thing I have to do now is to fully clear my name and let those responsible for their actions be held liable.”
As for the arrest and the warrant that is placed on Interpol’s website Wyatte said that is a mystery because Interpol international is saying they don’t know how the warrant got on their site with a “red” notice. He said he was told that Interpol International would not do such a shameful thing for $700.00 while the ticket alone to the Dominican Republic is $400.
Wyatte said he is of the opinion that the woman who accused him and took him to court probably has a “good friend that is working for interpol” whom she used to put that warrant on Interpol website. “I don’t know how my name and a warrant got there and Interpol International is claiming they also don’t know how it got there but the police and prosecutor office told me they will inform Interpol International by email and asked that it be removed and his name be cleared fully.
Wyatte further explained that he asked Bloieman how is it possible for them to arrest him and he is the one that alerted them to what is on Interpol website and all he is getting from Bloieman is he is sorry for what happened. He said he asked both the police (KPSM) and Prosecutor Maarten Noordzij for a written statement so that he could clear his name but both parties denied him that statement. “All they are telling me is that they are deeply sorry for what happened.”
Asked he plans to do next Wyatte said he already spoke to his lawyers and they are working on building a case against all those involved including Interpol International, KPSM and the Prosecutor’s Office on St. Maarten. He made clear that damaging ones character and image is not acceptable especially since he is the one that contacted the police on Monday.

Source: St. Martin News Network
EXCLUSIVE: Ricardo Wyatte speaks out — says prosecutor and police refused to give him written statement to clear his name.