EXCLUSIVE:— SEHOS Board of Directors enforcing preferential treatment.

Patrick Fa Si Oen sent on vacation to travel to Belgium to see if he could get registered.

WILLEMSTAD/ PHILIPSBURG: — The medical director of the SEHOS, namely Dr. Franke Scheper has decided to send the unregistered surgeon Patrick Fa Si Oen on vacation in order for him to travel to Belgium to see if he could get registered there since that is where he studied as a medical doctor and not a specialist (surgeon). The decision was taken on Thursday afternoon at 5pm when Dr. Scheper met with Fa Si Oen. SMN News wrote in its first article that Patrick Fa Si Oen is not registered in the Netherlands and Belgium as a medical surgeon. On Thursday Fa Si Oen told a newspaper in Curacao that the information is incorrect and that he is registered in Curacao, but nowhere did he say if he is registered in the Netherlands or Belgium.

It is clear that the board of directors of SEHOS has some kind of axe to grind by sending Dr. Michel Berry on non-active duty for a communication failure while they are giving another “quack” the opportunity to get his paperwork in order rather than taking appropriate actions.
The Inspector of health care Dr. Gersji Pereira told SMN News in an invited comment two days ago he was not involved in the investigation against Dr. Michel Berry but it turned out that the inspector is the one who supported the Board of Directors of SEHOS to send Berry on non-active duty and he is also supporting SEHOS with the decisions they have taken on how to handle the case that involves Dr. Patrick Fa Si Oen, whereby sending him on vacation to see if he could get registered in Belgium instead of using the same measures they used against Dr. Michel Berry and send Fa Si Oen on non-active duty and have him do the necessary courses in order for him to become a certified surgeon.
SMN News tried reaching Dr. Scheper for further comments on the ongoing saga at SEHOS but he has been ducking the calls. As for the Inspector Dr. Gersji Pereira he is upset that SMN News stated in its first article that he referred us to SEHOS since he claimed that he was looking in from the outside — a blatant lie from someone who is supposed to ensure that proper healthcare is provided to all patients on Curacao and those from St. Maarten that are being sent to SEHOS. The Inspector Gersji Pereira told SMN News that he made an arrangement with the medical director of SEHOS that they would be the ones to communicate with the media for now.
It should be noted that SMN News will not cover up for anyone including the Inspector on Curacao who refused to take his responsibilities seriously and intervene when he has to in order to safeguard patient’s safety. When SMN News contacted the Inspector of Health Gersji Pereira said that the only thing the Inspectorate has to say at this moment is that Quality Care can be assured. However, he refused to comment on the unequal treatment and the silence of the medical director of SEHOS with regards to the investigation that led them to find out that they have an unregistered surgeon working at SEHOS for over a decade.

Source: St. Martin News Network
EXCLUSIVE:— SEHOS Board of Directors enforcing preferential treatment.