EXCLUSIVE:— St. Elizabeth Hospital terminated Dr. Patrick Fa Si Oen for lack of Registration.

sehos18012017SEHOS and Inspectorate remains mum

WILLEMSTAD/PHILIPSBURG:– The board of the St. Elizabeth Hospital (SEHOS) has terminated the contract for Dr. Patrick Fa Si Oen, an unregistered surgeon who practiced at the institution for the past 14 years. Some two weeks ago SMN News broke the news that SEHOS had an unregistered surgeon working at the institution for the past 14 years. SEHOS made the discovery after they began investigating another surgeon for carelessness.
When the news broke the management of SEHOS sent Fa Si Oen on two weeks mandatory vacation in order for him to travel to Belgium to see if he could get this registration in order. Already in 2011 Fa Si Oen tried to register in Belgium where he studied but was denied.
While all of the above transpired this past week the board and management of SEHOS are doing their best to hide their decisions under the preverbal carpet while refusing to take calls from media personnel.
Even the Inspector in Curacao began playing a “cat and mouse” game since he chose to leave management and board of SEHOS handle their affairs. SMN News further learned that Dr. Patrick Fa Si Oen has to return to Belgium for a two-year training if he wants to register as a surgeon there.
In the meantime, the investigation involving Dr. Michel Berry is yet to be concluded.
Due to the lack of surgeons now at SEHOS a well-known and most qualified surgeon on St. Maarten is seeking employment at SEHOS since management of St. Maarten Medical Center (SMMC) chose not to renew his contract.
While SEHOS clearly took the necessary actions against unregistered doctors the management and Supervisory Board of SMMC is yet to do anything with the  quacks they have working at SMMC. Surgeons working locally are also not registered as some of them also did their specialty in Belgium but chose not to comply with the requirements to get registered there. One surgeon that is practicing at the SMMC who is not registered is Dr. Felix Holiday, based on the BIG registry Dr. Holiday is only registered as a basic doctor while he has been practicing for years on St Maarten as a surgeon. Another surgeon that has to complete a re-entry program on St. Maarten is Dr. Luc Mercilina in order for him to be able to practice as a full-fledged surgeon that is up to par with current surgical procedures. Even though SMMC and his director have agreed to have Mercilina do the re-entry program he is doing it under the guidance of an unregistered surgeon. It is left to be seen what actions the Minister of Health Emil Lee will take against the unregistered surgeons practicing at SMMC  to ensure that the people of St. Maarten receives quality health care.
SMN News will bring more information when the medical director of SEHOS Franke Scheper could be reached by Monday.

Source: St. Martin News Network
EXCLUSIVE:— St. Elizabeth Hospital terminated Dr. Patrick Fa Si Oen for lack of Registration.