EXCLUSIVE: Unpaid taxes have three UPP candidate Ministers in Limbo.

PHILIPSBURG:— Reliable information provided to SMN News revealed that at least three of the five UPP Ministers are in limbo due to unpaid taxes. They are party leader Theodore Heyliger who is the candidate Minister for the Ministry of TEATT, Franklin Meyers candidate Minister of VSA and Jules James the candidate Minister for the Ministry of Justice.

SMN News learned that Meyers have passed the screening but his only hiccup lies with his wife Brenda Wathey who did not pay her taxes since 2008 for several of her companies. The source said it is highly unlikely that Meyers and his wife would secure an arrangement with the tax office which would allow him to become the Minister of VSA even though his taxes are up to date.

As for Heyliger and James, it is also reported that they too have unpaid taxes that dates back to a few years and that too poses a problem for both candidates.

SMN News learned that the candidates are busy negotiating with the Tax Department but so far there is no indication that a workable agreement would be reached.
Besides the screening process, SMN News learned that the former director of Princess Juliana International Airport Regina Labega will be working in the cabinet of the Minister of TEATT in order to boost and or revive the tourism economy.

As for the Justice Ministery, it is understood that former Minister of Justice Dennis Richardson and former convicted Chief of Police Derrick Holiday will be among the staff working with the incoming Minister in his cabinet.

On Wednesday the formateur William Marlin made clear that there has been some delay with the screening process, Marlin said this had to do with some of the candidates that owned businesses abroad, he indicated that if the screening is not completed by Friday, November 4th, 2016, then the Ministers cannot be sworn in on Monday and that the coalition would have to readjust their plans.

Source: St. Martin News Network
EXCLUSIVE: Unpaid taxes have three UPP candidate Ministers in Limbo.