EXCLUSIVE: USP leader Frans Richardson buried rumors, says his party is committed to the Red, White and Blue coalition government.

fransrichardson05092016PHILIPSBURG:— Rumors on social media (FACEBOOK) and throughout the community claiming that the current coalition agreement between the National Alliance, Democratic Party and the United St. Maarten’s People’s Party (USP) fell through and that talks are currently taking place with the United Peoples Party (UPP) United St. Maarten’s People’s Party (USP) and the Democratic Party to form another coalition government called the Green, Red and Blue coalition. The rumors on Tuesday have caused some severe uproar that some persons have said openly that if that happens St. Maarten and its people could look forward to unrest due to the constant instability since the island became a country in 2010. It should be noted that early elections were called due to the instability and constant change of government. However, the elections did not change that because the voters chose to divide their votes to the four main political parties, namely the National Alliance, the Democratic Party and the USP and UPP. Even though the NA and UPP each were awarded 5 seats and the DP 2 seats the main player in forming any coalition has to involve the USP in order to obtain a majority in parliament now that the agreement with the NA and UPP died, when more than one of the candidate Ministers from the UPP did not pass the screening process. SMN News learned that those that failed the screening has to do with investigations against them, at least three persons told investigators that they bought firearms from one of the candidate ministers that ran on the UPP slate, while it is stated that an investigation against the UPP leader is ongoing since 2013, besides that the candidate ministers from the UPP had problems with their taxes which also hindered them from passing the screening process.
SMN News contacted the leader of the USP Frans Richardson on the ongoing developments, Richardson made a very stern and strong statement to end the rumor. Richardson said that as leader of the USP his party remains committed to the current coalition (Red, White, and Blue) and that he neither any other members of the USP is involved in any negotiations with any other political party. Richardson said that the USP is busy vetting their Ministers and he wants the people of St. Maarten to know that the USP remains committed to the coalition agreement that was signed last week with the National Alliance and the Democratic Party.
In the meantime, SMN News learned that the candidate Ministers that are going to be vetted are Raphael Boasman who will be taking up the post as Minister of Justice on behalf of the USP and Cecil Nicolas as Minister of TEATT.
SMN News further learned from reliable sources that Emil Lee will be returning as the Minister of VSA, while the National Alliance will be having William Marlin as Prime Minister, Silveria Jacobs as Minister of Education, Youth and Sports, Richard Gibson Sr as Minister of Finance, Christopher Emmanuel as Minister or VROMI, and Henrietta Doran York as Minister of Plenipotentiary while Leader of the Democratic Party Sarah Wescot Williams will be the chair lady of Parliament. The USP will also hold the Deputy Prime Minister seat.

Source: St. Martin News Network
EXCLUSIVE: USP leader Frans Richardson buried rumors, says his party is committed to the Red, White and Blue coalition government.