EXCLUSIVE:— William Brooks approved back-pay for his brother that amounts to over NAF 12,000.00

PHILIPSBURG:— Based on information reaching SMN News states that the former temporary manager William Brooks also approved NAF 12,000.00 which is ‘back-pay” monies he believed is owed to his brother from the year 2009. The source said that the payment is currently on hold while the internal audit is busy investigating some of the decisions taken by William Brooks while in office. SMN News further learnt that monies paid to Brooks was not due to him because he had some severe issues with the former management some of which ended up in court.
The source said that while the workers are saying that the vehicle bought for Brook’s brother was purchased just two weeks after he was hired.
As for GEBE Supervisory Board Government is busy working on getting the approval from the Corporate Governance Council to send home the board. Last week Member of Parliament Sarah Wescot Williams said in a press conference that the Supervisory Board should make their positions available because they are at loggerheads with government. However, SMN News understands that government is of the opinion that it is the board members that are leaking internal documents to the media and it’s the only government owned company that has most of its dirty laundry in public domain. SMN News further learnt that while the Supervisory Board is at odds with several members of the management board, they fail to address the two year contract given to Curtis Haynes who is operating out of an office upstairs the WIB which is paid for by GEBE while Haynes has a salary that amounts to NAF30,000.00 per month. Further investigation conducted by SMN News shows that Curtis Haynes signed a two year contract with the former COO Romelio Maduro and not with the Supervisory Board. That agreement it is further understood was approved by the Supervisory Board prior to it being signed.
On Wednesday SMN News asked Prime Minister Marlin if he is aware of the contract given to the consultant/employee and the rent being paid for this person by GEBE? Marlin said he was not aware of it.

Source: St. Martin News Network EXCLUSIVE:— William Brooks approved back-pay for his brother that amounts to over NAF 12,000.00