Fire broke out in a classroom at Sr. Borgia School.(UPDATED)

firesrborgia18052016Students evacuated to St. Joseph Primary as firemen tries to bring fire under control.

PHILIPSBURG:— Students of the Sr. Borgia Primary school had to be evacuated shortly before 11am on Wednesday morning when a fire broke out in one of the classrooms.
Several police officers and two fire trucks were at the scene as the firemen were seen working to bring the fire under control. The fire started in one of the classrooms and while SMN News reporter was on the scene smoke was still coming out of the classroom.
firesrborgiaschool18052016According to Police Spokesman Ricardo Henson, the fire seems to have been from an electrical nature and started behind a computer. Henson said he does not have all the information at this moment since the firemen were still busy working on getting the fire and smoke under full control. He also confirmed that all the students were evacuated and taken to the St. Joseph Primary School.

Fire at Sister Borgia School
On Wednesday May 18th at approximately 10. 50 a.m. police patrols and Fire Department was directed to the Sister Borgia Primary School on Cannegieter Street in connection with several reports of a fire at that school. On the scene the investigating learnt that a possible electrical fire had started in one of the class rooms which caused quite a lot of smoke to come out of the building. The teachers safely executed the fire emergency plan, by immediately evacuating all students from the Sister Borgia Primary School to the Sint Joseph School on Front Street. The fire department arrived on the scene shortly after and immediately took control of the situation. The Cannegieter Street was temporarily closed off and drivers had to use alternative routes to get to their destination. No one was injured during the fire. The cause of the fire is under investigation.

Source: St. Martin News Network
Fire broke out in a classroom at Sr. Borgia School.(UPDATED)