Five Prison Guards suspended as investigation begins — Minister Kirindongo

pointeblancheprison02062012Two suspended for Cuchi’s escape.

PHILIPSBURG:— The five prison guards that are suspected of smuggling illicit drugs into the prison were officially suspended on Thursday confirmed Minister of Justice Edison Kirindongo. The Minister said that the guards were asked by management to stay off the premises on Wednesday when their names were called as suspects smuggling drugs into the prison. However, their union felt that they should stay on the job until the official suspension letter is given to them. The Minister said those letters were handed out on Thursday to each of the guards that are suspects while the Landsrecherche conducts its investigation,
At the moment a total of seven prison guards have been suspended, the two that took convicted prisoner Kathron “Cuchi” Fortune to a medical clinic in Cay Hill and he somehow managed to escape from them were also suspended. The Minister confirmed that the two guards were also suspended pending the outcome of the ongoing investigation.
Even though seven prison guards have been suspended the Minister of Justice along with the management of the house of detention have sufficient staff on every shift to ensure the safety and security of the house of detention.

Source: St. Martin News Network
Five Prison Guards suspended as investigation begins — Minister Kirindongo