French and Dutch coordinating on capturing escape prisoner Fortune.


kiridongo24022016Prison short-staffed confirms Minister of Justice — persons aiding and abetting criminals can face up to 4 years in prison.

PHILIPSBURG: — Minister of Justice Edison Kiridongo confirmed that the prison is short-staffed and he is currently looking for someone to assist the prison director to recruit extra manpower. Kiridongo made clear that the process have not yet started but it is part of his plan since he is fully aware that the prison is understaffed.
As for the escape of Kathron Fortune aka “Cuchi” from prison guards last week the Minister said that the prosecutor’s office is in constant communication with the French authorities and the search that was conducted last week on the French side was a joint effort. The Minister further explained that so far the police has no information on the prisoner being seen on the Dutch side of the island, however that does not mean he is not on the Dutch side of the island.
cuchi15022016Minister Kirindongo said police have mobilized their crime investigation team and observation team. He said the patrol units do have information the escaped prisoner, while the prosecutor’s office did send out two press releases with detailed description of the escaped prisoner and his photograph.
The Minister of Justice further explained that currently there are two investigations taking place on the escape, one being to recapture the escaped prisoner while the other one which is conducted by the National Detectives is to determine how the prisoner escaped from prison guards.
Minister Kirindongo said that prisoners who escape from prison faces a maximum of nine years when they are recaptured while those that are involved in aiding and abetting criminals can face up to four years behind bars.


Source: St. Martin News Network French and Dutch coordinating on capturing escape prisoner Fortune.