General Audit Chamber submitted report on Administrative appointments to Parliament.

PHILIPSBURG:— The General Audit Chamber submitted its report on ‘Administrative Appointments’ to Parliament on November 1, 2016. This report presents the findings of an investigation into the legitimacy and integrity of administrative appointments of supervisory board members for 35 entities, including government-owned companies, various public foundations, and other related entities.

The audit focused on the actions of the respective minister, as shareholder representative, in terms of the appointment procedure. As part of the audit, the General Audit Chamber reviewed the appointment procedure of persons occupying supervisory board functions from the period 2014 to date. Government-owned companies and entities that fall within the collective sector were investigated.

“During our audit, we found that there is little if any, transparency concerning the appointment procedure. Moreover, we determined that politically motivated appointments are possible”, according to the General Audit Chamber. “We also found that supervisory board members are often involved in important decision-making and that security screenings are not applicable for these functions, with the exception of board membership to the General Pension Fund Sint Maarten”.

The report finds that the transparency of the appointment process is lacking. In that regard, one of the main objectives of good governance is disregarded, in the opinion of the General Audit Chamber.

During the conduct of the investigation, the General Audit Chamber issued requests for information to all ministers. Provision of information was at best sporadic. Deadlines for submission were often exceeded or even ignored. The General Audit Chamber collected information from public sources. The General Audit Chamber stresses the importance of transparency in the process of appointments and concludes by stating that information regarding an appointment must be available at all times.

The report ‘Administrative Appointments’ is published in both English and Dutch and is available on the website of the General Audit Chamber (

Source: St. Martin News Network
General Audit Chamber submitted its report on Administrative appointments to Parliament.