Government aiming to move into the Government Building in July.

governmentbuilding25052016PHILIPSBURG:— The Council of Ministers is still looking into getting the work at the Government Administration Building on Pond Island completed in order for the Council of Ministers and the Department of Communication to move into the new location sometime in July.
Marlin showed members of the media several draft photographs of what the building might will look like when it is completed. He made clear that even though he has the draft some of what he displayed on Wednesday is subjected to changes.
He said he asked the liaison officer Erno Labega who is working closely with SZV to have the palm trees the entrance of the building removed since it does not represent St. Maarten. He said several persons complained that the palm trees are not indigenous to the island or even the region since it is imported from Florida. The entrance to the building would have a mahogany doors. The intention he said is to have a double door at the entrance in order to keep the hot air out of the building. In the back of the building he said could have the photo of coat of arms or St. Maarten.
Marlin said the walkway also has to do over since the current walkway is slippery due to the material that was used. He said besides that the parking lot has to be completed as well as the front where they intend to work with the Nature Foundation to remove mangrove from around the pond in order to put up a proper fencing.


Fiber Optic Cable.

Asked by SMN News if the contractors or SZV has the intention to remove the fiber optic cable that was installed in the building by TELEM ever since the building was constructed, the Prime Minister said he did not get that indication. Marlin went on to explain some of the effects people faces when the road infrastructure digging up the roads in different areas to lay cables.
However, SMN News understands that UTS intends to also run fiber optic cable in the building as a redundancy. A well-placed source told SMN News that all government buildings and major institutions have back-ups in place and the Government Administration Building is no different.

Source: St. Martin News Network
Government aiming to move into the Government Building in July.