Gracita calls on St. Maarten people to continue supporting hurricane relief for Haiti.

gracitaarrindell24102016PHILIPSBURG:—– “The loss of human life and the devastation caused by Hurricane Matthew in southwestern Haiti on October 4 are no longer among the hot news of the day. But we can still help to relieve the hardships that the storm piled on the people of our fellow Caribbean country,” said drs. Gracita Arrindell, leader of the People’s Progressive Alliance (PPA).

Arrindell, who personally responded to calls earlier this month from relief organizers to contribute hurricane relief goods for Haiti, said that she has faith in the St. Maarten people and their historical generosity.

“I’m calling on the people of St. Maarten to continue supporting the call from known local relief organizers to aid Haiti during what is still for many families in dire need, a perilous time,” said Arrindell.

“Our beautiful island is home to a number of people of Haitian descent. There are certainly those among us with family and friends in Haiti who have been affected by the hurricane,” said Arrindell.

Arrindell is long known for her work with Peridot, an NGO that works for the empowerment of women in particular and the family in general.

Hurricane Matthew’s reported death toll stands at 1,384 people – from at least six of the countries reporting deaths due to the passage of the hurricane.

“The human fatalities, disruption of livelihood and destruction of property, the threat of disease, and the pain and suffering wrought by Hurricane Matthew through Haiti, affecting in like ways parts of the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Jamaica, The Bahamas, and the USA are just plain heartbreaking,” said Arrindell.

“St. Maarten is not sheltered from the experiences of a category 4 and 5 hurricane. We still remember the terror and destruction of Hurricane Luis in 1995. So let’s continue to contribute in whatever way we can, and to pray, in response to the call and needs of a nation in need after bearing the brunt of the deadly Hurricane Matthew. God Bless the people of Haiti. God bless the people of St. Maarten. God bless the people of our whole island,” said Gracita Arrindell.

Source: St. Martin News Network
Gracita calls on St. Maarten people to continue supporting hurricane relief for Haiti.