Ground Breaking for China Pearl of the Caribbean on Target

pearlcaribbeanchina01092016PHILIPSBURG:— Deputy Prime Minister Richard Gibson Sr confirmed on Wednesday when asked by reporters if the groundbreaking for the China Pearl of the Caribbean will be held on September 17th as scheduled. Gibson said based on his knowledge the ceremony will take place as he sees no reason to stop it. He further explained that the developer is busy with the invitations.

Ever since the Minister of Finance announced that St. Maarten has brokered a deal to have the Chinese invest in St. Maarten to construct a resort which will consists of 356 rooms plus 450 units along with showrooms and other amenities to create a China hub of the Caribbean on St. Maarten several politicians and their followers have openly criticized the project even though at least three of the very politicians that are speaking out against the project went to China to broker a deal with the same investors but did not succeed.
Persons within the community also made an online petition asking for signatures to stop the project citing the lack of information on the project.

While those that are protesting the construction of the Pearl of the Caribbean in Belair they have remained silent on the project SBL will be constructing on the lot next door for some Venezuelan developers known as “KARLIS”.

The petition posted on Facebook is not factual since those that put the petition together did not do proper research or even questioned the government of St. Maarten prior to posting the petition online.

Source: St. Martin News Network
Ground Breaking for China Pearl of the Caribbean on Target.


  1. Sounds like Mr. Gibson is the PR and marketing manager for this project. Why isn’t the company itself issuing press releases and updating about ground breaking events…..strange?

  2. Degrading answers and is the other project bringing in all foreign workers, materials and will leave the building empty as they dont have any interest to bringing any Chinese tourist to our shores?