Haiti In search of Cooperation in Matters of Tourism with Saint-Martin.

MARIGOT:— Last Tuesday, Guy Didier Hyppolite, Minister of Tourism and the Creative Industries of Haiti, visited our island as part of a tour in the West Indies, at the head of a delegation of six employees.

In addition to the Collectivité and the CCISM, the Haitian dignitary went to the Office of Tourism to meet with its President Jeanne Rogers Vanterpool and reiterated his ambition to develop the tourism industry of his country. “Guy Didier Hyppolite wants cooperation on a number of projects, both in terms of expertise and partnerships, to training,” explained Ms. Rogers-Vanterpool. The Haitian Minister stressed the important potential of the young local Haitian community, this new generation that was born in Saint-Martin, who does not know Haiti and could be encouraged to visit that island. The Minister also focused his efforts on highlighting the tourism attractions of his island and emphasized its culture, its arts, its gastronomy and the beauty of its natural sites. “He also wanted to know how St. Martin’s tourism policy was conducted and how the Tourist Office is organized,” the President said. Minister Hyppolite also referred to the implementation of an investment code in his country.

Haiti doesn’t as yet have a tourism promotion organization, as a result, this mission is being carried out by the relevant Ministry. Since his appointment in March 2016, Guy Didier Hyppolite has appealed to Haitians in Haiti and those in the diaspora so that they take ownership of the Haitian values, emphasizing that “to visit Haiti is to participate in its development”. After the earthquake of January 12, 2010, Haiti went from 2,000 hotel rooms at an average rate of $100 (US) per night, to 773-rooms. As of its inauguration, the Government of Joseph Martelly wanted to revive this sector. The Ministry of Tourism as a result developed an ambitious program in four areas: the North (Cap Haïtien), West (Port au Prince), Southeast (Jacmel), Southwestern (Cayes). Many investors have answered the call and have demonstrated a certain interest for the tourism industry of Haiti. Recent hotel opening is proof of this: the Royal Oasis in December 2012 in Petion-Ville, the Best Western in March 2013 located also at Pétion-Ville, and the Marriott in February 2015, located in the heart of Port- au-Prince. Over the last three years, Haiti has seen an increase in arrivals. In
2014 visitors spent 21.1% of that of the previous year. Statistics already show an increase of
20.3% compared to 2012.

Source: St. Martin News Network
Haiti In search of Cooperation in Matters of Tourism with Saint-Martin.