Hands-on weekend in Simpson Bay March 19 and March 20.

shoothoops17032016PHILIPSBURG:—- The Oasis Games as part of the Shoot Hoops, Not Guns project is reaching its climax this weekend in Simpson Bay. Over the past week several community building activities have taken place in Simpson Bay following the methodology of the ‘Oasis Games’. This methodology consists of seven steps in which people learn to appreciate and recognize what human-, manmade-, and natural resources are available in their neighborhood and how they can use these resources to execute common dreams.
Four common dreams have been identified, namely: more sports activities for the youth, cleanup Simpson Bay, beautification of Simpson Bay and a community garden. The actual activities will consist of a 1.5 hour soccer clinic and a 1.5 hour basketball clinic, removal of stray garbage in certain areas in Simpson Bay, painting of murals (including poems and designs), creation of street signs, creation of a tire garden and the setup of a community garden.
All residents of Simpson Bay are called upon to help make these dreams come true, starting March 19 at 9am at the Allen C. Halley Recreational Center. Of course, all supporters from other areas are free to join in making these dreams a reality. Items needed for this project are: (spray) paint, paint brushes, primer, thinner, hammers, nails, (jig) saws, wood, gloves, basketball/soccer ball pumps, cones, (materials to build) soccer goals, garbage bags, garbage bins, plants/herbs/flowers, garden tools and everything that one can think of that can be of good use.
For more information about the Oasis Games and the Shoot Hoops, Not Guns project or for donations, please visit the website www.shoothoopsnotguns.org, visit the Facebook page www.facebook.com/SHOOTHOOPSNOTGUNS or send an e-mail to soualigasocialmovement@gmail.com.

Source: St. Martin News Network Hands-on weekend in Simpson Bay March 19 and March 20.