Helping Hands Foundation receives Grant from R4CR. | SMN NEWS

PHILIPSBURG:— This project has been funded by the Government of the Netherlands via the Sint Maarten Trust Fund. The R4CR program is administered by the World Bank, Implemented by VNGI, and overseen by the NRPB.
In March of 2023, the Helping Hands Foundation received a much needed grant from R4CR in the amount of $ 13.307.45 in order to be able to repair its second Wheelchair bus, which has been sitting without the necessary funding to be repaired. Not having the funds for reparations to the wheelchair bus was a great setback and concern to the HHF Foundation. The latter had long sought means and ways to equip its fleet with a second wheelchair bus. This second wheelchair bus is extremely important for the foundation to have a second bus on stand-by in the event of any issues arising with the first one. Fortunately, this request was approved by the R4CR, and the foundation is extremely proud with this commitment to the Differently Albled community. HHF's second wheelchair bus is now fully operational and additional services can now be offered to the Differently abled community and/or entities who have the need for such services for persons with limitations to attend special functions or those who would like to provide a tour/drive around the island to a wheelchair bound person. Helping Hands Foundation would hereby like to thank R4CR for their much appreciated assistance with this project as the foundation is very pleased with the improvements that were made to the bus. Helping Hands Foundation is located at the Ms. Lalie Commercial Center on the Bush road # 26 and can be reached by telephone # 542-5866 should there be any questions or requests. Our email address is : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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