House search conducted by multi-disciplinary team at house on Back Street, . (UPDATED)

housesearch05082016Two reportedly arrested — Police and Prosecutor Tightlipped.

PHILIPSBURG:— Early Friday morning August 5th the multi-disciplinary team started house search on Backstreet.
The Arrest Team, K-9 Unit were present. Also Prosecutor and Judge of Instruction. The search still ongoing.
SMN News learnt that the search is taking place at “Nunez” home on Back Street. So far the police and prosecutor’s office remains tight lipped on the search and possible arrest of at least one person.
The Spokesman for the Prosecutor’s Office said that later on Friday a joint press release will be issued on the ongoing search.

Two arrested in house search on Backstreet

 On Friday, August 5 the Police Force of St. Maarten KPSM, together with the Kingdom Detective Cooperation Team RST and the Royal Dutch Marechaussee led by the Prosecutor’s Office and in the presence of a Judge of Instruction held a search at an address on Backstreet. The Police Arrest Team, the Police K-9 Brigade, and the Multidisciplinary Team assisted in the search.
During the search drugs, information carriers, large amounts of money and three expensive watches as well as a luxurious car, were found and confiscated in connection with the investigation. The car was confiscated based on suspicions of money laundering.
Two persons were also arrested. M.C.G.N. (35) has been arrested for illegal firearms and drugs possession while T.O.N. (35) has been arrested for threat with a firearm. Both have been notified by the Acting Prosecutor that they are detained.
The investigation is in full swing and more arrests cannot be excluded.

KPSM  and Prosecutor’s Office Press Release

Source: St. Martin News Network
House search conducted by multi-disciplinary team at house on Back Street, . (UPDATED)