Houses and Offices being searched as MAHI MAHI Investigation Continues, Three arrests made. (UPDATED 1)

Home and Offices of Checkmate  Security owner being searched, owner of Checkmate arrested and released after questioning.

PHILIPSBURG:—- The police are busy searching at least three homes and three offices as they continue the Mahi Mahi investigation.
The searches are taking place in Pointe Blanche at the home of O.E. J. A. ( the owner of Checkmate Security ) and three of his offices, two of which are located in Pointe Blanche and one on A.T Illidge Road. While two other homes are being searched in Sucker Garden, those are at the homes of G.W. M and A.R.C.B.T. The prosecutor’s Office have arrested three suspects O.E. J. A, G.W. M and A.R.C.B. T.after the houses and office searches were conducted. More detail information on the searches will be released later today.

The spokesman for the Prosecutor’s Office Gino Bernadina, confirmed the searches are currently ongoing.The early morning searches are being led by Prosecutor, in the presence of Judge of Instruction, assisted by KPSM, Customs, RST and Dutch Marechaussee. He said these searches are related to the Mahi Mahi investigation.
The Mahi Mahi regards the  shooting that took place at the Westin Resort parking lot  earlier this year where at least two Checkmate officers were involved and were  being shot. Police had confiscated a lot of counterfeit monies in one of the vehicles that transported the shooters/victims on the day of the incident.

Based on information SMN News received states that the owner of Checkmate Security Services was detained, after his home and offices were searched.

Checkmate Owner who arrested early Tuesday morning was released after he was questioned by detectives. The other suspects G.W. M and A.R.C.B.T. were notified by the acting prosecutor that they are officially detained for a longer period. Press Officer for the prosecutor’s office Gino Bernadina said that the O.E.J.A have been released after questioning.
He said during the early morning search the detectives found a substance that is suspected to be an illegal drug, while they confiscated documents, administrative materials, computers, and other digital data carriers. The Mahi Mahi investigation is continuing Bernadina said.



Source: St. Martin News Network
Houses and Offices being searched as MAHI MAHI Investigation Continues, Three arrests made. (UPDATED 1)