Hyundai, Shell, and Motorworld Work Together to Bring Community Relief through Soup Kitchens & Care Packages.

p>COLE BAY:— The community of St. Maarten/ St. Martin is undergoing various efforts to rebuild and recover from the recent hurricane damages. This has left many residents in dire straits as a result of cases of unemployment, wage decreases, homelessness, and challenges with making ends meet to provide basic necessities for themselves and/or their families. To alleviate some of these unfortunate circumstances, Hyundai and Shell working together with Motorworld Group of Companies (MWG) have reinvested $150,000 through a series of community outreach initiatives in order to bring relief to residents in need.

“As a local company, our commitment goes above and beyond the standard business operations, to caring about our residents’ quality of life. We take our corporate responsibility very seriously, and it brings us a sense of relief to be able to give back to those most in need,” says Tariq Amjad, Managing Director, MWG.

Through these relief initiatives, the dedicated staff from the Motorworld Group of Companies (MWG) has come out into the communities to host a series Soup Kitchens, and thereby share a warm meal and smile with residents.

In addition, the MWG staff has gone above and beyond to volunteer their time after a busy day at work in order to assist with the assembly of thousands of care packages with essential items ranging from food, household, and personal care goods, to items specifically for the elderly and childcare.

Throughout this past week, the community outreach initiatives continued as team members from MWG returned back into several areas to distribute thousands of care packages in communities with the most severe damages, and needs. This included areas such as Cul-de-Sac, Dutch Quarter, Colebay, Cay Bay, Simpson Bay, Belvedere, St. Peters, Philipsburg, Suckergarden, Middle Region, French Quarter and Marigot, including places with elderly residents such as the Senior Home and White & Yellow Cross, as well as displaced residents at the Festival Village, Little League Ball Park and the Nina Duverly school on the French side of the island.

In addition, Motorworld has partnered with several organizations including K1 Brittania, Rotary Club, Helping Hands and One Hand Washes The Other Foundations, as well as the Community Councils and the Government of St. Maarten to ensure that these orchestrated efforts effectively reach the residents in most need.

“This major undertaking has been extremely rewarding. We are making a difference in people’s lives with every meal and care package shared,” says Rena Amjad, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), MWG.

MWG Press Release