IMA makes donation to school counselors.

imaschooldonations28062016PHILIPSBURG:— IMA generously donates funds to 5 school counselors (Jina Mamtani-Mahbubani, Nina Espacia-Joseph, Amy Arrindell, Jessica Richardson & Judith Edouard) who will be attending the (American School Counselor Association) ASCA Conference this July in New Orleans.

In order to continue helping our children to the best of our ability it is important to continue getting personal and professional development in the counseling and therapy field. There are many new methods and materials that come out each year which are displayed and taught at the American School Counselor Association conference.

It is imperative that these counselors attend this conference in order to get the much needed and updated information to help our children and other counselors so that they can bring about change with the youth on our island.

As parents or educators we want for our young people in life, to know how to treat each others with respect, to be good cooperate citizens, to be strong and self-aware, find positive role models and learn to follow their dreams.

We want our schools to teach these big life lessons, but in the midst of pressure to raise test scores and control behavior, many schools aren’t sure how to effectively to do this. The Counselors will learn how to effectively do this by attending the ASCA Conference and participating in the different sessions. Inherently we know that what matters most are our young people their life lessons, the skills and values, the stories and experiences that will unlock each child’s hunger to discover their own passions and be brave enough to pursue them. We believe it takes a village to raise and take care of a child, therefore we are doing our part to help our youth with their social, emotional, academic and career needs therefore helping students to strive in today’s and tomorrow’s society.

IMA Press Release.

Source: St. Martin News Network
IMA makes donation to school counselors.