Investigation against head of the Landsrecherche Ademar Doran starts.

ademardoran27062016PHILIPSBURG:— The Attorney General has ordered an investigation against the head of the Landsrecherche Ademar Doran. The investigation was after detective Lydon Lewis filed a complaint against Doran for defamation and slander.
SMN News understands that the investigation started this week and that Doran will remain in office as the investigators that are outside of St. Maarten investigate.

Lyndon Lewis a veteran detective was sent home for dereliction of duties after he gave a statement against Rishmer “Red Rum” York who was convicted for the shooting death of Akeem Isidora. He was shot to death on March 12th 2015 in front of his home on that fatal night. Prior to the shooting the relatives of Isidora said that York was harassing Isidora and even once arrested him close to his home because he did not have an identification on him.

On the night of the killing it is understood that York called Lewis and told him that he will finish Isidora. According to information provided to SMN News detective Lewis ordered York out of Belvedere since he was off duty and he is not a resident of the area.

SMN News further learnt that senior officers including the current Chief of Police Carl John was highly upset when Lewis gave a statement against York and John went as far as chasing Lewis out of the Police Headquarters, not long after that Lewis was suspended, because those in the justice chain felt that Lewis should have called KPSM to inform them of the calls he received from the now convicted killer.

Minister of Justice Edison Kirindongo confirmed that the investigation started, but said that he is not in the habit of giving out information about members of his personnel especially when there is an investigation taking place.

Source: St. Martin News Network
Investigation against head of the Landsrecherche Ademar Doran starts.