Is the Prosecutor’s Office on St. Maarten serving this community?

Liaison spokesman not from St. Maarten and has Curacao telephone number.

PHILIPSBURG: — Over the years SMN News have exposing some of the incompetence’s of the Prosecutor’s Office on St. Maarten, some of the crimes committed by Prosecutors that served on St. Maarten and escaped with all of their wrong doings.
However, the situation on St. Maarten has gotten so bad that the Chief Prosecutor is allowed to make unfounded statements about the country, compare a 16 square miles island with Amsterdam with regards to sex workers and politicians on the island just sit back and ramble about the comments and actions of this organ in the Justice Ministry but does nothing to rectify the situation.
As of this year, the Attorney General responsible for St. Maarten chose to use the people’s money to hire to veteran journalists to send out press bulletins and press releases that are in their favor of the Prosecutor’s Office but the cases they lose because of sloppy work goes under the preverbal carpet.
St. Maarten media workers are now forced to contact a liaison officer that is responsible for St. Maarten making statements on behalf of the Prosecutor’s Office on a Curacao phone number, that person is working for St. Maarten and should be on St. Maarten but instead of having a local number he has one from Curacao since it’s the Office of the Attorney General that hires him and provided him with his working tools. When reporters try to contact the prosecutor’s office there calls are going unanswered. In most cases it’s to verify the unfounded statements they make or wrong information released by their office. One being on the Mahi Mahi investigation where the initials and ages were incorrect and suspects/victims were removed from the St. Maarten Medical Center less than 24 hours after undergoing surgery and taken before the judge of instruction in his hospital robe.
To make matters worse, the people of St. Maarten used to have access to their Prosecutor’s Office to file complaints and to even provide vital information to them every week, however, that too has been scaled down to once per month. The new time for persons wanting to see the prosecutors that are working for them must wait on the last Thursday of each month where the entire public just have two hours to see the prosecutor’s from 10 to 12noon.
Last Wednesday Deputy Prime Minister Richard Gibson made some strong statements regarding these and other institutions that are not hiring or accommodating locals. Gibson said change needs to come now, either by evolution or revolution. He stressed that the people of St. Maarten must be given a job in their own country because the foreigners come here they work for four years and leave the country with their monies instead of investing on St. Maarten.
They sold boats, seized all sorts of assets and it is to date being set aside and not sold, some were even stored on the French side but yet nothing was done to address this particular issue because these foreign civil servants are untouchable, incompetent yet they are the ones that take six years before they arrest people for alleged crimes and before giving them their day in court they were released, and so far no one knows if these persons still remains suspects after six years of investigating or if Monday’s action was to once again humiliate the people of St. Maarten and ensuring that St. Maarten makes headlines in the Netherlands and to create a smoke screen that the prosecutor’s office is now working instead of enjoying the sea, sun and sand on St. Maarten.

Source: St. Martin News Network
Is the Prosecutor’s Office on St. Maarten serving this community?