Jason Rogers, LL.M. is co-lecturer for third lecture in “The Law Matters to You” series

jasonrogers25082016PHILIPSBURG:—The third edition of “The Law Matters to You” lecture series, a joint information and educational project between the Department of Communication (DCOMM) and University of St. Martin (USM), will be about the Parliamentary Elections 2016 and the Electoral Laws on St. Maarten on August 29th.

There will be two main speakers on the issue, one of which is Jason R. Rogers, LL.M., Chairman of the Main Voting Bureau.

According to the Sint Maarten Government’s website, “www.sintmaartengov.org” it describes the objective of the Central Voting Bureau as “an institution enacted by Government to execute the voting and election procedures as stipulated and regulated in the Electoral Ordinance. The Central Voting Bureau operates independently from Parliament and Government. Its general function is to ensure that the entire election process, which includes the postulation, the voting and the determination of the outcome of the election, is conducted in accordance with the applicable laws.”

Before returning to St. Maarten, Jason Rogers lectured in the subjects of Criminal and Administrative Law at the University for Applied Science, in Amsterdam, and has supervised projects in his areas of expertise, including European Law, while in Europe/the Netherlands.

In regards to the Chairman of the Central Voting Bureau, Rogers has been working on St. Maarten since his return from the Netherlands/or United States in 2007. He has a Master’s degree in Dutch Law (NL) and U.S. Comparative Law (USA).

Rogers has been practicing Law on St. Maarten and in the Dutch Caribbean. For several years, he has also taught Criminal Law and Criminal procedures to several members of different local enforcement agencies.

From the first Parliamentary Elections in 2014 to the present, Rogers has been Chairman of the Central Voting Bureau, where he derives much satisfaction by serving his community, in addition to being a Vice President of the St. Maarten Red Cross.

Source: St. Martin News Network
Jason Rogers, LL.M. is co-lecturer for third lecture in “The Law Matters to You” series