Joint Inspection controlled cosmetic stores on Front Street.

Immigration still not participating in controls since Maho incident.

PHILIPSBURG:— A number of controllers were seen on Front Street Thursday morning conducting controls at the cosmetic stores on Front Street.

The team comprised of controllers from Economic Affairs, SZV, Labor, and Tax inspectorate.
Most notably is that immigration officers were not part of the controls even though SMN News were informed by several persons that a group of scammers from Israel are operating at stores on Front Street selling dangerous and pure quality skin care products.

The team of controllers controlled Adore Beauty Products, Kristal Cosmetics, L’ Core and Le Pure Reve. Those are the stores SMN News understands have illegals working and are professional scammers. According the information SMN News received is that the six beauty stores have been selling poor quality products at very high prices.

One customer told SMN News that when people entered the stores they are practically bullied into buying what is sold at these stores or they cannot leave the stores. The customer alleged that the stores have between 30 to 40 illegal workers that are aggressive and they would use all necessary means to make money and that even tourists are being ripped off. Even though the email that was sent to SMN News was sent to the various entities including the immigration department they did not participate in the controls on Thursday.

Source: St. Martin News Network
Joint Inspection Controlled cosmetic stores on Front Street.