Jose Lake presented "Pen on Paper" to Minister of Justice.

boasmanpenonpaper23062017PHILIPSBURG:— On Friday, June 23rd author Joseph Lake Jr presented Minister of Justice Rafael Boasman with his recently launched book: Pen on Paper (St. Martin 1970 to 2001) along with his other book “Six 4 Nine”.
Mr. Lake said that the presentation is well in place as the Minister has long been involved in labor and is well aware of the labor struggles and developments of the island.
Pen on Paper serves as the highlights of journalism on St. Maarten during the 21st century.
It contains a wealth of documented information in regards to the challenges journalists faced and endured from the 1970’s to 2001.
The information is backed up by articles, photos, and other literature. The book serves as a great tool to pass on St. Maarten’s history in regards to journalism.
The minister thanked Mr. Lake for the contribution, which he said will surely be placed among his “next to read” literature.

Source: St. Martin News Network
Jose Lake presented "Pen on Paper" to Minister of Justice.