Justice Workers Questions Insurance Policy — NAGICO called off information session.

PHILIPSBURG:— Representatives of NAGICO insurances had to cancel their second day information session they arranged to bring justice workers up to speed with the insurance policy that was taken out for them earlier this year when the Minister of Justice got the various unions representing justice workers to seek out the insurance companies and to choose a good and affordable package to cover justice workers.
The unions chose NAGICO insurance where Justice workers have to pay NAF 15.00 per month while the government will pay NAF10.00 for the NAF 25.00 policy per employee.
While the name of the company was never revealed, NAGICO insurances organized a two-day information session which was to be held on Tuesday and Wednesday last week. However, on the first day of the meeting last Tuesday several justice workers including police officers began asking severe questions about the policy in the presence of their union representatives.
SMN News learned that the justice workers wanted to know why they have to even pay for their insurance and pay more than the government. They also asked questions regarding the coverage, for example when a policyholder is eligible for payout. One of the surprising things that the workers learned on Tuesday is that if a police officer is shot from the back while in the line of duty his or her family is not entitled to the payout of NAF 400.000.00. Another surprise that hit the workers that attended the meeting is that officers that get maimed or handicapped while working would get their benefits faster than those that die in the line of their duties.
On the condition of anonymity, some of the justice workers told SMN News that when the posed questions pertaining to the policy, the information they got from representatives of NAGICO caused severe concerns which forced NAGICO to cancel the second-day information session which was scheduled for Wednesday. Justice workers that were supposed to attend the information session on Wednesday received an email informing them of the cancellation but no reasons for the cancellation were given.
The workers went as far as saying that the unions’ representatives that were present on the first day of the information session said that what was presented on Tuesday to the justice workers is not what they negotiated.
SMN News contacted the CEO of NAGICO insurances Dwayne Elgin for a comment late last week and Elgin said that based on the confidentiality clause they have with their client they are not able to release any information to the media. He further stated that the cancellation for the second day was done amicably.

Source: St. Martin News Network
Justice Workers Questions Insurance Policy — NAGICO called off information session.