K1 Britannia Volunteers Take Part In International Coastal Clean Up

k1internationalcoastal19092Nettle Bay Beach:— The K1 Britannia Foundation took part in the International Coastal Clean Up locally organized by St. Maarten Pride Foundation on Sunday, September 18th, 2016.

Prior to the day, K1 Britannia Foundation encouraged its volunteer database of the opportunity to take part in this great nature event. Many of the new volunteers, recently signed up at the St. Dominic High School were excited to take part in this fun and educational beach clean-up.

Roughly twenty volunteers came out on time, signed up, made groups of 3 or 4 and went on their way in looking for trash. All the mini groups searched the beach and were committed to gathering as much trash as possible. As a result, many collected two bags of trash which really showed the amount of trash on the beach and the importance of keeping our beaches clean.

The K1 Britannia Foundation encourages activities like this which promote volunteerism and enable persons in the community to take action and in turn make a difference.

The K1 Britannia volunteer program is designed to give everyone the opportunity get involved with making a difference, in a way that’s tailor-made to them, accommodating their areas of interest and time schedules. We connect those that have a desire to help with various local charitable organisations and projects that need their hands-on assistance. In this way not only are organisations assisted in achieving their charitable goals, but volunteers of all ages and backgrounds are able to have the life-changing experience of making a difference in their own unique way!

Those interested in giving back to the community can sign up as a volunteer on www.k1britanniafoundation.org/volunteer.

Source: St. Martin News Network
K1 Britannia Volunteers Take Part In International Coastal Clean Up