Kentucky Fried Chicken & Pizza Hut Select SCELL.

kentuckey18072016PHILIPSBURG:— SCELL, The University of St. Martin’s School of Continuing Education & Life Long Learning was selected by the @ Q.F.S. Enterprises N.V, the St. Maarten Kentucky Fried Chicken & Pizza Hut Franchise to facilitate a Service of Excellence Customer Service Retreat for branch employees at all locations, which will be held at DIVI Little Bay Resort, on July 26, 2016.
SCELL, offers many services for St. Maarten businesses, one of their services that are most often requested is supporting organizations with organizing company retreats and event planning. SCELL plans the retreat or company event from the beginning to the end with the specific directions of the organization.
General Manager, Derryck Jack of the St. Maarten franchises stated: We selected SCELL because of their reputation and track record. We have monitored how they have effectively supported large companies on the island like GEBE, TELEM GROUP, WINWARD ISLANDS BANK, LTD, PRINCESS JULIANA AIRPORT and the PORT to enhance their customer service, train their employees effectively and provide employees with a sense of appreciation and empower them to be better employees after the training(s).
Dr. Gittens, Director of SCELL stated: SCELL’s Service of Excellence Customer Service Retreat was customized for Q.F.S. Enterprises, N.V., we have incorporated the mission, vision and new direction of the Kentucky Fried Chicken and Pizza Hut franchise into the retreat platform. This retreat is designed to provide employees with a refreshed, innovative approach that will immediately enhance their work performance, elaborate on the importance of service with a smile, increase awareness on the importance of superior customer service. Employees will leave the retreat enlightened, rejuvenated and newly committed.
SCELL is committed to changing the approach to Customer Service on the island of St. Maarten. Our goal is to ensure that service with a smile is adopted throughout the island and we remain in the top 10 of the most popular island destinations.
If you would like SCELL to plan a company Retreat or business event, please contact us @ 554-2437 or visit our website @

Source: St. Martin News Network
Kentucky Fried Chicken & Pizza Hut Select SCELL.