Ki-Mani Olivacce starts school supplies drive for less fortunate.

kimanibacktoschool15062016PHIIPSBURG:—- Fifteen-year-old Learning Unlimited student Ki-Mani Olivacce is calling on his community to contribute to a worthy cause as he kicks off a school supplies drive for students in need on St. Maarten. Assisted by Jodecia Lamonte and Kendecia David, Ki-Mani says he is simply trying to apply what his parents have always taught him; to share and help whenever he can.

The back to school drive seeks to inspire the private sector and individual citizens to donate the most necessary and useful school items. These include but are not limited to agendas, 3-ring binders, backpacks, colored pencils, pens/pencils, dividers, folders, glue, erasers, highlighters, calculators, notebooks ect.

The team hopes to have enough items collected about a week before school re-opens on August 18 so that the distribution phase can commence and selected students have what they need to start the school year equipped.

“I was inspired by many things. My parents always taught me to share and give help whenever I can. My aunts love to give also and are a great example to me. My Aunt Silvia Meyers-Olivacce gives all the time because she believes in helping the community. I admire that characteristic that’s shown within a lot of members of my family. On May 6th of this year, I attended a leadership course for 6 hours. After listening to the encouraging messages of the speakers, that also pushed me more to make a difference,” Ki-Mani said.

He said everyone that calls St. Maarten home should be concerned that its students have the tools they need to work well in school. “This is where it starts so that students are able to reach their potential,” he said. My target is the less fortunate in foster homes and schools with students who are in need. Not having the basic essentials like a paper and pencil to write with should not deter a student from being eager to learn and go to school. These are things we can fix with a little effort,” he said.

“It takes true compassion to think of others who are in need. While we are all taught to share and help our neighbors. I would like to think that there are many more people with this mindset on St. Maarten who would be willing to assist with this worthy cause,” Ki-Mani said.

Persons and/or businesses willing to contribute can contact Ki-Mani by calling 522-5252 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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. Supplies can also be dropped off at the office of the Meyers Group Companies located at the vehicle inspection center on Pond Island.

Source: St. Martin News Network
Ki-Mani Olivacce starts school supplies drive for less fortunate.