KPMG in St. Maarten and Meijburg thank their clients & partners during New Year Toast 2016.

kpmgclients19012016PHILIPSBURG:— January 19, 2016 – KPMG in St. Maarten and Meijburg & Co Caribbean invited their clients for a joint reception at the Holland House Beach Hotel on Thursday, January 14. The occasion for this New Year toast was to acknowledge the vital role KPMG’s clients play in the local business environment. The Management of KPMG and Meijburg in St. Maarten took great pleasure in hosting the event.

It was a warm and informal gathering and various key players in the business community attended from both the private as the public sector. Mr. Guy de Esch, Director of KPMG in St. Maarten, who leads the office in St. Maarten situated in Madame Estate, Also Mr. Wendell Meriaan, Partner of Meijburg & Co. Caribbean and Mr. Raymond Begina, Chairman of KPMG in the Dutch Caribbean & Suriname took the opportunity to welcome all guests present.

“During the past year the KPMG office in St. Maarten serviced various clients in both the private as the public sector”. Mr. Guy de Esch mentioned among others during his speech: “St. Maarten is still working very hard on new developments towards a stronger country. Lots of work has been done already, and with your help, I am sure we will accomplish a lot more, taking into account the numerous opportunities and challenges facing St. Maarten today.” He continued saying: “Like other organizations on the island, we also grew in terms of resources and competences in order to serve our diverse clientele even better in 2016 onwards. As such, I would like to use this momentum to present to you our local team tonight. They are at your service.”

kpmgtoast19012016On behalf of Meijburg & Co Caribbean Mr. Wendell Meriaan expressed his gratitude for the confidence that his clients vested in the organization and assured the attendees that Meijburg & Co Caribbean, locally represented by Mr. Quincy Lont, will strive to continue being the trusted business partner in championing the different challenges pursuant to eminent developments in the tax and legal arena of St. Maarten. We look forward to expanding our team of dedicated tax and legal professionals in St. Maarten.

All team members emphasized the unique full services package KPMG and Meijburg have to offer to all its clients. KPMG and Meijburg people strive to make a difference in all that they do, delivering high quality services with people who are passionate and fully committed to deliver added value. These differentiators

are for KPMG and Meijburg a must when working at KPMG. KPMG and Meijburg also expressed their gratitude to the clients attending the occasion. “We continued to serve many clients this year, and we thank each and every one for their trust in us. Mr. Raymond Begina also took the opportunity to present his team members to all guests. “At KPMG we believe that happy people are a guaranteed recipe for delivering the best services possible to our clients, after all it is the unique combination of knowledge and experience of our people, which we have to offer to our clients. I am confident that 2016 will be an even more successful year for everyone”, concluded Mr. Raymond Begina as the final speaker.

Source: St. Martin News Network KPMG in St. Maarten and Meijburg thank their clients & partners during New Year Toast 2016.