KPMG in the Dutch Caribbean & Suriname appoints Jason Nisbet to Partner Advisory Services.

jasonnisbeth20022017Willemstad:—  KPMG in the Dutch Caribbean & Suriname (DC&S) is expanding its management team with the promotion of one of the directors, Jason Nisbet, to Partner of the Advisory practice.

Jason began his career at KPMG in 2012. Jason is an expert in strategy and change management, HRM and reorganizations and was a welcome addition to the advisory practice. After many years in de public sector, Jason was quickly able to become a trusted advisor to the clients and employees of the Advisory practice of KPMG. Characterized by his ability to bring about added value to clients, his determination and care allow him to deliver quality within all that he does. Jason within no time established himself as a leader within the practice, with a strong vision regarding the KPMG of the future. He was promoted in 2015 to Director and has been appointed as of January 1, 2017, to Partner within the organization.

KPMG ready for the future
“Jason has a vision and always seeks to find new services that bring a new dimension and added value to our clients. He was born and raised in Curaçao, who is well established within our market with experience and understanding for the challenges our clients face. Who else could better embody the role of a trusted advisor than him?” noted Raymond Begins, Chairman of KPMG DC&S. “Since last year, we have been reorganizing our practice to streamline and modernize ourselves to ensure that we are in line with the international KPMG practices and ready for the future. The inclusion of new and young leaders is a crucial part of this”.

New young leaders within KPMG DC
“We, as members of the partner group, are very pleased with the appointment of Jason. He is recognized and appreciated for his talents by our people and our clients. His focus has been the development of young talent within our organization, and that is exactly what fits so well with the modern philosophy of the KPMG of today. Nurturing and coaching young talent is of the essence to be able to deliver added value with an innovative angle to our clients. It is the ability to do so that will make KPMG’s services unique. We are very proud of Jason and wish him great success in this new stage in our organization”.

Jason Nisbet: “young talents are the future”
“I am very excited about this new role. This marks a new era for KPMG DC&S. We have been working on a new and modernized road to the future, where young professionals are getting a chance to lead the new and modernized KPMG practice. As a new leader, I am eager to lead the change that will allow us as management to progress in a manner that lifts everybody up. What I mean to say with this, is that to me it is important that everyone has an opportunity to develop, regardless of their background or education level. By putting people’s development first, we will allow each person to grow, benefitting themselves and uplifting the quality of our organization”, said Jason Nisbet enthusiastically.

Source: St. Martin News Network
KPMG in the Dutch Caribbean & Suriname appoints Jason Nisbet to Partner Advisory Services.