Laser 101 Storm Watch Team recognized by The Survival Band, Prime Minister of Curacao.

PISCADERAWEG, Curacao:— Upon invitation, the members of the Laser 101 Storm Watch Team made their way to Curacao over the weekend to attend the reunion and final concert of The Band Survival.
The Band Survival, a local band from Curacao that was very popular in the 80’s and 90’s, took the stage for the final time on October 21st, at the Curacao World Trade Center and performed for some 600-plus guests.
The concert was a trip down memory lane for many, as many sang along and danced the night away to some of the most famous hits of the last two decades.
During their performance, The Band Survival took a moment to highlight the impact that Hurricane Irma had on Sint Maarten and its people. They went on to explain to the concert-goers that during the most difficult time that Sint Maarten had experienced in some 20-plus years, there was limited to no form of communication, directly after the storm.
Laser 101 Sint Maarten was able to get back on-air shortly after the storm, thanks to some backup equipment and remained on air almost 24 hours a day for an entire week, in order to provide its listeners with important information. “This team worked around the clock, with complete disregard of their personal circumstances before, during and after the passing of monster Hurricane Irma”, said founding band member Kevin.
The Band Survival called on the Prime Minister of Curacao to award the Laser 101 Storm Watch Team with a plaque in recognition of outstanding service to the community of Sint Maarten. The Laser 101 Storm Watch Team thanked the Prime Minister of Curacao and the Crisis Management & Relief Team for the assistance they provided on Sint Maarten during an absolute time of need. The Storm Watch Team also thanked the people of Curacao for stepping in, almost immediately after the passing of Hurricane Irma, to organize benefit events and donation drives for the people of Sint Maarten.

Source: St. Martin News Network