Man arrested for selling false entry-tickets for LATIN Night.

PHILIPSBURG:— Police have arrested a man suspected of selling false entry-tickets to the “Latin Night” scheduled to be held on Wednesday April 25th at the Festival Village. The suspect was arrested in Cole Bay on Monday April 23rd. After comparing the tickets confiscated from the suspect with an original ticket it was clear to see the difference. An original ticket has a watermark in bedded in the ticket which the false ticket does not have. Approximately 500 of these tickets were sold by the suspect and possibly other unknown persons to the public at a price of U.S. $ 25.00 each. The original of this entry ticket was U.S. $ 35.00 and is now sold for U.S. $ 40.00.
The police department is warning all ticket holders who have purchased any of these false tickets that those tickets have no value. Persons, who have purchased a ticket or tickets from unknown individuals and not from those businesses as was advertised, will not be able to enter the village on “Latin Night” with that false ticket. To avoid any unnecessary inconvenience these persons should purchase a new ticket if they want to attend the show and file and official complaint with the Detective Department. When entering the Festival Village each ticket will be scanned with a UV-light to indicate the validity of the ticket.
The suspect remain in custody for questioning and further investigation.

KPSM Press Release.


Source: St. Martin News Network