Man shot and hospitalized.

shootingfillin11102012PHILIPSBURG:— On Saturday, November 5, 2016, between the hours of 11pm (2300 hrs) and midnight the Central Dispatch was informed of a shooting that had occurred at a home on the Backstreet. On arrival of the Patrol at the address, it appeared that the victim had already been transported to the Medical Center. At the SMMC a male with the initials M.C.N. had been brought in with gunshot wounds. As a result, a house search was conducted the same night under the supervision of the prosecutor and acting judge. As of Monday evening, the victim is still in critical condition.
The Forensic Department was called in to conduct a crime scene investigation; several witnesses were questioned and a statement was also taken the following day from the victim. No arrests have been made and the Detective Department is asking the public to assist them with any information pertaining to this case.

Home invasion

On Friday, November 5, 2016,at approximately 11:50pm (2350 hours), two males visiting the island were robbed by two masked armed persons dressed as what they thought were police officers. According to the victims, the perpetrators were dressed in dark blue pants and T-shirts with the word Police printed on their backs. Once the door was opened, both men were attacked and robbed. As a result of the sustained wounds, the both visitors were taken to the SMMC for medical attention. 
In light of this incident,a notice was sent out by the Community Police Officers to residents in their respective districts via WhatsApp warning them to be cautious of opening their doors without verifying identification of the police officer. All officers can be identified by their uniform and each one carries identification. When in doubt, residents should call 911 for verification.

The details surrounding this incident is still under investigation by the Detective Department.

KPSM Press Release

Source: St. Martin News Network
Man shot and hospitalized.