Management of Cable TV filed request for mass dismissal.

p style=”text-align: center;”>~ Labor Department to take decision in March 2018 ~

PHILIPSBURG:— The management of Cable TV under the auspices of TELEM filed a request for mass dismissal of Cable TV employees. SMN News understands that the head of the Department of Labor and Social Affairs along with the Minister of VSA has decided that a decision on the request will be taken in March 2018 since the department and Minister wants more information on the dismissal.
Even though the management of Cable TV was informed in writing of the decision taken by the Department of Labor, the director of Cable TV Beulah Jonis chose to send out a letter to the employees informing them that they must turn in all properties such as keys to management since the employees will be officially dismissed on December 31st. Besides the decision taken by the Department of Labor, the employees and their union representative are waiting on the outcome of the court case they filed against Cable TV and TELEM. That case went before the courts last week Friday and a verdict is expected on December 29th.
SMN News further learned that employees at TELEM would have to take on the extra work of managing Cable TV and TELEM workers are already peeved that they would have to execute duties that are not part of their daily tasks.
While the feud between the workers and the management of Cable TV and TELEM is ongoing, residents that have been paying their monthly bills for cable and internet that was provided by Cable TV are still without services especially clients that are connected overhead. Even though the infrastructure is in place for reconnection, management of Cable TV is yet to purchase the much-needed materials for the reconnection process to begin.