MAP to be Replace by New Movement.

louismussington03072016MARIGOT:—The Movement for the Advancement of the People (MAP) will be replaced by a new political movement, this was concluded in a recent general assembly with party members, said Louis Mussington president of the MAP.
The party’s members gathered to discuss the political future of the party, and how best to prepare for the March 2017 collectivity elections.
“The MAP has lived its time, it time is to move on to something new,” said the political leader.
Founded in November 1996, the MAP made an impressive impact on the political landscape of the country by winning its first contested elections in March 1998. Electing Louis Mussington to the general council of Guadeloupe.
According to Mussington, the success of the MAP in 1998 came from a long standing history of hard work invested by former members of St. Martin Educational and Cultural Organization (SMECO) and the labor movement of the late 1980s. “As a youth movement we were always on the forefront championing the cry of the people.”
“While it is hard to move on from the organization you have structured for the past 20 years, the new St. Martin reality is, a call for broader unity to face the more complex socio-economic challenges the country is now encountering,” concluded Mussington, who is planning to head a new movement in upcoming elections.

Source: St. Martin News Network
MAP to be Replace by New Movement.