Marlin brings clarity to Pearl of the Caribbean Project

williammarlin07092016PHILIPSBURG:— Prime Minister William Marlin did not mingle with words when addressed the media on Wednesday at the Council of Minster’s press briefing and to also bring clarity on the project that will be constructed in Belair by Chinese investors.

Marlin said certain reporters that attended the Town Hall event last week Thursday at USM to cover it as an assignment used their time to post negative statements about the announcement of the project on Facebook.

He said the reporter in question is doing whatever they could to create fear and rumor mongering in the minds of the people on St. Maarten since the political party they support are in opposition. He said that it is unfortunate when media professionals misuse their position to create gloom and doom now there is an election.

As for the project Marlin said that the announcement caused an unnecessary upheaval, especially since all information was not given on the project. He said that the Minister of Finance made the announcement after outlining the global GDP and the lack of growth on St. Maarten and what government did to revive the economy on St. Maarten.

Marlin said during the negotiations it was made clear to the investors that St. Maarten has construction workers that could build resorts because it is local contractors and workers that built Westin which is very close to one of the country’s beaches. He further explained that Pelican and other resorts are all built next to the country beaches. He even mentioned a post that was made by a politician on his Facebook page regarding hurricane and the project. Marlin said that he cannot imagine any investor who would invest millions and not ensure that the building is sound in order to withstand hurricanes, likewise all the hotels, the airport and other resorts have their own sewage plants and the same will happen for the Pearl of the Caribbean. The Prime Minister said it does not make any sense whatsoever for any investor to pump raw sewage in a beach that the clients of that resort would have to use.

He admitted that the Pearl of the Caribbean will be a bigger project since it will the Chinese hub of the Caribbean that will contain a showroom and other services.

Marlin further explained that the two-year project will provide work for more than 200 workers, and  local contractors, owners of heavy equipment will all get work from that project. Marlin said besides all of that USZV and other entities will make money and this project will indeed enhance the tourism industry on St. Maarten.

In addressing the one million tourist that the Minister of Finance said will be coming to St. Maarten to boost the tourism industry, Marlin explained that during their discussions the Chinese investors announced that China has over 100 million people travelling around the world as tourist today and he then told the investors if St. Maarten could get at least one million of that then it will be good for the country. Marlin further explained that the investors promised to get tourist to St. Maarten but not the one million in one shot as it has been perceived. He said that amount would grow over time and it would take as long as ten years before one million Chinese tourists touched down on St. Maarten.

However, the Pearl of the Caribbean on St. Maarten is ideal because of St. Maarten would become the Chinese Caribbean hub since St. Maarten has a good port and airport connections. Marlin said if his government did not grab the opportunity then they would have been criticised and now that they do what was needed they have to be on the defense because of the malicious posts made on Facebook by a reporter that attended the event.
Marlin said even the Minister of VROMI Angel Meyers sat into one of the meetings when this project was being discussed.

Source: St. Martin News Network
Marlin brings clarity to Pearl of the Caribbean Project, blast reporters that posted negative information on Facebook while attending the Town Hall meeting on a work assignment.


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  2. Still a little better but far from being feasible and real. One simple question. How many direct and indirect employees would this facility employ once open? How many qualified unemployed people do we have? Or are we simply going to still qualified employees from other properties? Competition is always good or most time good. But we need to deal with reality not fantasies. First things first, please give us accurate unemployment figure with names, skills, and age, can we agree to do that simple task first?