Marlin says several projects ongoing —- Ministers might be sworn in on October 31st.

williammarlin05102016PHILIPSBURG:— Prime Minister William Marlin announced on Wednesday that he expects to turn in all the required documents to the Governor, VDSM, and Public Prosecutor by Friday to begin the screening process for the incoming Ministers. He said each candidate have to accumulate a number of documents for the screening and this he said do take some time. However, the target date for the completion of the screening is October 27th. He said the swearing-in process for the MP’s should take place that same day during the afternoon hours while swearing in should for the Ministers be on October 31st.
Marlin said the two political parties exchanged their manifestos and they are now busy working on their governing program which he intends to submit when he submits his report on October 27th as he completes his task as the formateur.
As for governing Marlin said the moving of the Council of Ministers to the New Government building is completed but their support staff is still at the old building and other buildings which created some inconvenience. However, preparations are being made for the other members of the organization to move over to the government building but all of this will take some time before all of it completed. He said construction work is still being carried out at the building.
The Prime Minister also stated that several projects are underway, one being the connection of the main sewage line in St. Peters. He said because of these residents of St. Peters are going through some inconvenience since they can no longer use the main road but has to go through a detour. He said when this project is completed, residents of St. Peters area will be able to connect to the main sewage line which will put an end to sewage water on the roads in St. Peters. Marlin said works are also being done to the Community Center in South Reward. He said the community council of and MPC management met in order to use the basketball court at MPC. Marlin said the community wanted to have access to the court for different exercise programs. He said the two entities approached the government for assistance to upgrade the basketball court which his government agreed to do. He said Windward Roads contributed by resurfaced the court. He said when the court is finished it will have lights.
Marlin said land has also been air marked for a community council. He said Delano Richardson was hired for the designing of this project, however, the funding for this project has not yet been air marked for the project.
Another project underway is the Back Street upgrade when completed Marlin said that the street will become a proper road with all the necessary infrastructure. Marlin said when it is completed, persons that are using that road will get some comfort since the road will have the place for wheelchair users.
Marlin also thanked all the voters on St. Maarten who went to the polling stations on Monday to exercise their rights to vote.

Source: St. Martin News Network
Marlin says several projects ongoing —- Ministers might be sworn in on October 31st.