Matser and Attorney did not show up for hearing.

PHILIPSBURG:— Nor the suspect S.J.M. (49) nor his lawyer showed up for the preliminary hearing on Wednesday, November 9, 2016, in the Octopus –investigation. The lawyer indicated he had no request for additional investigation to take place in the case against his client.

The hearing in the Octopus investigation was suspended indefinitely on October 13 y the Court of First Instance and referred back to the investigative judge to hear additional witnesses and to listen to wiretapped telephone conversation in the cases against W.F.B. (30), E.E.L.F. (35), R.G.K. (49) and F.L.A.(49). The suspects in the Octopus-investigation are suspected of participating in a criminal investigation and vote buying.

Prosecutor’s Office Bulletin

Source: St. Martin News Network
Master and Attorney did not show up for hearing.