Minister Ingrid Arrindell bids early farewell on Wednesday.

ingridarrindell19102016PHILIPSBURG:— Minister of TEATT Ingrid Arrindell send out special thank you messages to her colleagues in the Council of Ministers, department heads, and MP Silvio Matser who appointed her some nine months ago.
Minister Arrindell went on to explain all that she managed to accomplish during her 9 months stint in office.
Minister Arrindell said that she worked on several projects to boost the tourism industry and to ensure there are more heads in beds. The Minister said getting that done was indeed a challenge. The Minister listed the amount of licenses and permits that were issued from the department of Economic Affairs and other departments including public transportation.
Appointment of STA Director
Minister Arrindell also mentioned that her cabinet is still working on the appointment of the STA director who was selected for the position. The Minister said some legal advice were sought and it was sent to the department of legal affairs. Asked if the candidate was not appointed when the announcement was made and if the letter of intent given to the candidate would have legal consequences for the government should they choose not to appoint the selected candidate. The Minister said at the moment she is awaiting a response from the department of legal affairs in order to move forward with the appointment.

Source: St. Martin News Network
Minister Ingrid Arrindell bids early farewell on Wednesday.


  1. By far the worst Minister of TEATT since country status was obtained. Lack of knowledge on all fronts and just a puppet on Silvio and Frans’ string. This one made Ted Richardson look like a brain surgeon.