Minister Meyers toured the Emilio Wilson Estate.

emiliowislonmeyers17052016Cul de Sac:— Honorable Minister of VROMI Angel Meyers visited the Emilio Wilson Estate on Friday May 13, 2016 to view the Rain Forest Adventures Eco Adventure Park project. The Minister received a tour from the Chief Engineer Mr. John Dalton and the Project Manager John Speetjens.
The Minister was interested in seeing first-hand how the project was progressing and ensure that the Rain Forest adventures are in compliance to the Building Permits that were issued. The Minister also wanted to safeguard that they were holding up to monument agreement that was put in place for the property.
Rain Forest Adventures plan to reforest the Emilio Wilson estate and bring it back to its natural environment as much as possible, preservation of the historical Estate and showcasing St. Maarten’s heritage.
When the project is completed it will include a museum at the Emilio Wilson estate, chairlifts to the top of the mountain, a zip line, tube run, and a nature trail. Not only will the public be able to learn this history but also enjoy it.

Source: St. Martin News Network
Minister Meyers toured the Emilio Wilson Estate.